Friday, February 22, 2008

From the bear's den

Told you about a migration did not I ? From Sonora desert to South Sweeden...
As I watch a gale go by through the window, I realize how big a jump I made lately ! But it is all good, I hibernate as bears do, waiting for the spring. My mind is at rest, my spirit flies high. I learn to know another country closer to mine this time but as unknown to me as was Mexico a year ago. It is true I am isolated in a farmland, but it is for the best. And not too far there is a cute seaworthy red ketch (Laurin 32) waiting also to go back to sea.... (to be continued... at the first sign of spring...)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

celtic paradise

Bro ar re yaouank (terre des jeunes, land of the youth.

It is a place where time does not count, it is a paradise without latitude or longitude that Celts find in themselves without sextant or compass.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

some thoughts from Bernard Moitessier

I am quoting Bernard because I cannot express myself any better. This is exactly what I have felt and still feel today :
....I try never to look too far ahead. I heave to emotionally. When everything is going wrong, you stop thinking, you just act on instinct, you just do what has to be done every day. And little by little things become clear.....

...The mind had shed anything that could harm it since anything that is useless can cause harm. An animal instinct alone which dwells deep within each of us had come to the surface to flower to take full possession of the boat/man unity, to give it the only order that make sense : hang on, whatever happened. Hold on, without trying to understand. And above all live in the present, forgetting everything else.