Tuesday, April 15, 2008

plan B.... like Baltic or is it plan C, D may be ?

Rödeorm waiting ....

Spring is pointing its nose timidly now.. Although more than I can bear it vanishes shyly as low grey clouds rush in every other day dampening my longing for the Great Escape on open water... So forgetting the chill outside and the depressing sky I imagine new territories to explore this summer. Yes the Great Escape to gentler latitudes and clear warm waters (the ones I come from...) seem to be postponed.
Even if the disapointment of giving up (for this year) sailing the long Atlantic Ocean swells has not vanished, I feel the excitment of discovering new lands so different from the ones I am used to. The Baltic sea offers some wonderful sailing grounds borded by several countries.
Scandinavian summers are short and often pertubated but there is a multitude of well protected and isolated anchorages along the shore of more than half dozen countries. The water is cold, mosquitoes are famished but the landscape is often spectacular and places remote enough to my liking.
Above the horizon the sun feeling bad for its poor warming quality during the day steches its stay into the night sending a clear message : take advantage of every hour of the summer before the next round of winter.
So as I always do, I travel first by imagination letting my mind then my body get used to the idea of some cool days, chilly nights and cold sea water spray, such little discomfort for the privilege of sailing to some uncrowded beautiful places !