Sunday, November 11, 2007

bitter sweet adios

My friends, Rosemary and William organized a ''bon voyage'' party for me at their house. My feelings were mixed. Happy I was to start a new adventure, to see my friends gathering for me, but sadness overshadowed this fun evening when I realized that I will leave them behind. I have lived through those departures before, but this one is special. I found my self confidence back here with the help of the friends who trusted me. All the sudden, the last seven years felt less heavy on my shoulder. Clouds has been chased by these very special friends who knew how to find me behind these same clouds. As today, I am miles away from San Carlos, from those boats I took care of, those friends I had fun with, I realized that I left a little bit of myself behind, but took some of it with me. It is hard, I miss their warmth, their smiles, their spirit. I imagine the boats anchored in the bay, gently swinging on their lines, the sun raising over the hills annoncing another beautiful day. All is still, and you my friends one by one are welcoming the new day, sitting in your cockpit, a cup in one hand, scanning the anchorage for some new arrivals, saluting a fellow sailor, getting ready may be for your departure also. Fairwinds my friends !