Friday, May 22, 2009

dry and low....

It has been three weeks already that we highlight the parking lot looking as misplaced as an elephant in an aquarium... Everyday now, some Germans, Danish or Swedish campers park near our RV which we use as our tool shade. They spend the night there. Often, very often, they ignore us, not even acknowledging our obvious and very colorful presence.......It seems that we do not inspire any curiosity or interest. During the week-end, a lot of visitors or owners of boats invade the lot, though as they drive or walk under the boat, close to the trailer which support her, they do not look up, do not wave, do not smile. That is a behavior contrary to the Gallic rule of savoir vivre !!! Home, we would have a little concentration of curious, giving non solicited advices, slowing down our work by telling stories about their own experience: Help would be proposed, a break, drinking to boost the moral of the crew would be mandatory. I miss this easy going spontaneous behavior which is definitely not in the Swedish character. Though there is always exception to the rule, our friends Jonas and Anne Sophie have been a remarkable help and made things a lot easier for us. I have to add that Höllviken, the close by town is very upper class, with a nouveaux riche attitude, It is chic and expensive. They probably see us as tramps with our older outdated boat...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She is blushing.....

The two of them got a little red during the process ! Anyway paint job done, next one in years from now will be done with  a spray gun, that is the only way to go in my humble opinion..


No, this is not a campground, but a parking it become during t
he nice months in summer. We are the only boat left.. It is rather strange to work in a parking lot !
We have to wait for a new propeller, then the engine has to be realigned properly this time and everything checked since the Estonian mechanics were so amateurs ! There is a good diesel mechanic here.

Anne Sophie and Jonaz from Lady Annila cheer the team up on regular basis by inviting us for dinner. Those moments are really apreciated. Nice to have good friends.

Monday, May 11, 2009

where is the can opener ?

Yes, there is several ways to open a sardines can in Viking country. Just drill a hole through the hull without checking what is behind... I think the Captain was very eager to have sardines for lunch. And I was grateful it was not olive oil or some other sticky oily stuff...
After a few days of bad weather, the sun (and wind...) is back so it is time for painting. Two coats of primer have been already spread on the deck and cockpit, and that is some nasty stuff to handle. Other jobs have been handled like adding a valve for a sea water intake, adding a depht sounder transducer and some work below water line. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

endless and hard work..

does it show ?
The preparation for a painting job is the most important thing, so we sand until our fingers bleed... Magnus is grinding the steel keel.
the propeller  is damaged and will have to be changed, apart that, no bad surprises.

Our days are long and in 4 days we prepared the hull. The deck had been sanded while waiting to be hauled out.

After a sauna at the club, I barely have the courage to prepare diner and the best moment of the day is to lay down with a good book, a cup of tea.  We have some good friends who cheer us up and it is a big help. My finger tips are so sore I cannot type anymore...

Bottom up !!

Without shame she is showing her bottom, as her anxious owner is keeping a sharp eye on the operation... And work started imediately by pressure cleaning the bottom. Then endless hours of sanding topside and grinding the keel. The beautiful weather is still going strong, though we fear a change for next week.