Friday, October 29, 2010

hasta luego misty river, good bye Röde Orm

We left the secure cocoon of the river, leaving behind good friends, and knowing it is a place we can always come back and find peace and beauty. It was also our last ride with Röde Orm, and soon we will have to say our good byes to the good friend and safe home she has been. 
Double nostalgia, but also the thrill of discovering something new, for me it will be the new Nanna, for Magnus, he will discover the Sea of Cortez.  But before, we have one week to deal with all the logistics.... And that, it is not fun !!


Steve Finnell said...

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Pat said...

Hello Isabelle from Carole & Pat (ex-ESPIRITU)
I see you are returing to Mexico. We will cross paths again, I am sure, because we are going to spend the Month of January in LA PAZ.
Are you shipping the new boat over or sailing her?
Where will you be besides SAN CARLOS? When do you arive? It is so good to "cross-tacks" with you again. We are at the same old e-mail address & blog.
Talk to you soon....Pat